Info-Code Consults Ltd

Project area: E-learning

Project Name: Seeking knowledge partner to facilitate market penetration

Company/Promoter description: Info-Code Consults Ltd offers consultancy services in Information Technology and Business Development services like outsourced advisory services, e-learning management systems, mobile applications, e-government solutions, and enterprise management systems. Some of the company’s clients include Uber Uganda, Lyca Mobile, Appliance World Ltd, Kawa Uganda Limited, Mbidde Foundation Ltd, Curtis Coopers International Limited, Radix Management Consulting Ltd, and the Industrial Court of Uganda.

Project Description: The company has developed Adroit, a digital education platform to deliver learning and training through digital resources ( It has courses applicable to students, organization training, and, books for sale. Info-code desires to expand the reach of the Adroit platform all over the world.

Project objectives: To grow the product for uptake among more clients.

Promoter contribution: A functional software platform.

Partnership Request: Promotion of the product and identification and access to opportunities for its use, globally.