Advanced Solar Power Limited

Project area: Solar energy

Project name: Seeking to expand business by importing internationally certified solar equipment for sale

Company/Promoter description: Advanced Solar Power Limited operates in Uganda and the entire East Africa region as a distributor of good quality, innovative, reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable solar power systems. These also include standby power devices and other renewable energy solutions, which are beneficial to the socio-economic development of both the off-grid and on-grid communities in Uganda and East Africa. The company offers all possible solar power devices and services, product installation, testing, maintenance, and training, among others.

Project Description: The company will use the investment fund to purchase stock in bulk with the aim of outsourcing. The cost will be incurred once and the solar products shall include solar panels, solar batteries, charge controllers, inverters, and other accessories. Part of the loan shall be used to improve and fund daily operations so as to match an anticipated increase in company activities following the outsourcing of products. The general cost topography will include a bigger labour force, rent for branch offices, security, bidding activities, advertising, etc.

Project objectives: Purchasing stock in bulk will also enable the company to make daily sales to clients at a reduced price. The volume of sales will be increased.

Promoter contribution: EUR 147,200

Partnership Request: Request: Seeking EUR 400,000 for stock and working capital.