Apinet Uganda

Project area: Alternative medicine

Project name: Setting up an accredited production facility for an ulcer cure

Company/Promoter description: Apinet Uganda manufactures natural health remedies and other bio-organic products. The company boasts of experience in making natural and alternative medicines. Apinet is an established company with assets and a well-equipped office. It uses a fleet of motorcycles to carry out field marketing and mass sensitization. The company is currently working on an ulcer cure whose 100% efficacy is registered within 30 days.

Project Description: Apinet’s PROP CURE is an ulcer formulation cure processed from bee propolis and other components. So far, the product has been used by about 500 customers who have all had positive feedback about it. Aminet intends to form a partnership to enable it to standardize its cure and expand its market to the entire continent of Africa. Through this partnership, Apinet also targets to set up production facilities, acquire international certifications and operate a high-level, internationally-accredited, research laboratory. PROP CURE should eventually become a recognized pharmaceutical product.

Project objectives: Apinet targets to attain a turnover of UGX 44 billion shillings by achieving product penetration of up to 50% of Uganda’s population. In 10 years, Apinet plans to target 100 million customers in the East African Community. This will result in earnings in excess of UGX 200 billion annually.

Promoter contribution: 25% of the project cost.

Partnership Request: A financial grant in exchange for equity.