Cyber School Technology Solutions Ltd

Project area: E-learning

Project Name: Seeking to set up a venture to create a digital platform.

Company/Promoter description: Cyber School Technology Solutions Ltd is an EduTech service with over 15 years of accumulated experience in implementing e-learning solutions. The first version of the company’s Digital Science and Virtual Lab software was developed in 2005. It was, and remains, fully aligned with the Ugandan O-level curriculum. It contains over 6,000 2D and 3D animations, 120 topics, 368 sub-topics, and 157 experiments. It has embedded audio-visual functionality and simplifies the understanding of abstract concepts. In war-ravaged areas, and disadvantaged rural settings without physical access to learning materials, the software’s efficacy has been significant. Within only 12 months, students posted improvements in science and mathematics. The software, at the moment, only focuses on Science and Mathematics because students have trouble grasping them. The subjects are also transportable across borders and possibly hold the key to Africa’s future competitiveness. To date, the software has been deployed to 1323 secondary schools countrywide; 66,000 students (Trainers of Trainers) have been trained in its use, and 5,280 teachers have used it to reach 800,000 students countrywide.

Project Description: Cyber School Technology Solutions will scale up its e-learning subject matter content (beyond only Science and Mathematics) to cover the entire Secondary and Primary curricula. The company will also upgrade the Digital Science and Virtual Lab software modules. The Digital Science from flash player to HTML5 and the Virtual Lab to include curriculum-specific content for Primary Education and for the Advanced Level of education. The company will also roll out its new expanded product across the whole of Africa starting with English-speaking nations. Over three years, the uprated e-learning product is expected to bring in revenue of EUR 26,264,479.83. The company has strong network connections with Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports, the Uganda Communications Commission; the MasterCard Foundation; and in East, Central, and Southern Africa. The viability of the software is possible.

Project objectives: Cyber School Technology seeks to provide a remedy for the prevailing lack of resources and infrastructure in education. By building quality education offline animations and simulations, aligned to the local curriculum, the outcome of providing early and sustained access to quality and affordable education for all – from Primary to Advanced level shall be achieved.

Promoter contribution: Access to schools network, office space, human resource, utilities, and software.

Partnership Request: Finance (EUR 36,053,247), technical know-how, and networks.