Ezylife Holdings Limited

Project area: Clean energy

Project name: Seeking a loan to purchase trucks and increase working capital

Company/Promoter description: Ezylife distributes and finances energy-efficient clean cookstoves in Eastern Uganda. The beneficiaries are rural families, a market segment at the base of the economic pyramid. They are heavily reliant on biomass fuel for cooking. The cookstoves are industry-leading and have been extensively tested. They come with consumer-friendly product warranties. The stoves reduce the number of biomass fuels used thus saving forests. They reduce reducing costs and time spent on purchasing biomass fuel and minimize the health repercussions of inhaling toxic fumes emitted while using inefficient cooking methods. Ezylife employs direct consumer engagement with end users. This is accomplished through community leaders, mobilizers, and agents who demonstrate the efficiency of the stove and the transformative impact it has on households and communities.

Project Description: Ezylife will purchase two 2-ton trucks from TATA Motors. The company shall increase working capital in the form of an increased stock f cookstoves. 20,000 cook stoves will be distributed under Ezylife’s partnership emission project with Persistent Climate India, named, “Reduced Emissions from Improved and Efficient cooking in Ugandan Communities”. 

Project objectives: The trucks will improve the company’s distribution efficiency, increase satisfaction with delivery as well as grow sales activities dependent on route plans such as consistent market presence, and market penetration. Daily sales are projected to jump from 100 units to 400 units.

Promoter contribution: Partner funds for working capital, labour, and technical know-how.

Partnership Request: Seeking EUR 103,500.