Project area: Internet technology

Project name: Seeking to increase sales.

Company/Promoter description: Japotech reduces the cost of internet connectivity by using world class processes, local talent and strategic partnerships. Its offices are located in Kampala Uganda. Its clients in Uganda include MTN, Liquid, ATC and others.
Japotech is now ISO 9001: 2015 certified and is finalizing the ISO 45001 certification process. It has expanded into South Sudan where it has successfully registered. Services offered include:
internet customer acquisition, internet link installation, telecom site installation, telecom drive test optimisation, telecom site planning, LAN design and installation and telecom apprenticeship training services. The company has an asset base of over USD. 120,000

Project Description: Japotech has ongoing contracts, with MTN Uganda and Liquid Intelligent Technologies Uganda, to acquire internet customers and install internet links. There is no limit to the number of customers that Japotech can acquire. At the moment, Japotech acquires about 40 customers per month via its 10 sales agents. That amounts to revenue of USD 1,600.
The company also installs about 30 internet links per month and they account for revenue of USD 1,350. Japotech acquires about 40 customers per month via its 10 sales agents. Japotech intends to acquire 100 customers per month in Year 1, 200 per month in Year 2 and 300 per month in Year 3. This will cause a monthly revenue of USD 4,000 in year 1, USD 8,000 in Year 2 and USD 12,000 in Year 3. If Japotech installed internet uplinks for half of the customers acquired, the revenue from this would be USD. 27,000 in Year 1, USD. 54,000 in Year 2 and USD. 81,000 in Year 3.
A well-facilitated and well-trained sales associate acquires 5 customers per month. To deliver the targets above, Japotech needs to invest a minimum of USD 130 in the work of the sales associate. Since a sales associate brings in USD 200 per month, the gross profit amounts to USD 70 per sales associate per month. Japotech needs to hire 20 sales associates in Year 1, 40 in Year
2 and 60 in Year 3. Japotech needs operational capital to be able to facilitate sales associates.

Project objectives: To increase income via increased sales by deploying more sales agents.

Promoter contribution: Funding for 10 sales associates in Year 1, 20 in
Year 2 and 30 in Year 3.

Partnership Request: Funding for 10 sales associates in Year 1, 20 in Year 2 and 30 in Year 3. This shall include their training and development costs.