MicroPay (U) Ltd

Project area: E-commerce

Project name: Seeking a partner in setting an e-payment platform

Company/Promoter description: MicroPay (U) Ltd seeks a partner to set up an e-payment platform independent of any telecommunications network. On this platform, clients may send and receive money and carry out financial transactions, such as buying airtime across all telecoms and bills payment, using an application installed on their smart
phone or an unstructured supplementary service data (USD) code on a “non- smart phone”.

MicroPay recently secured a Bank of Uganda licence to operate both as a payment systems operator (small funds transfer) and as a payment service provider (small electronic money issuer). MicroPay seeks funding on equity participation.

Project objectives: To operate an e-platform for payments independent of any telecommunication network.

Project cost: USD 4,000,000

Promoter contribution: Mature business idea with completed feasibility study.

Partnership Request: Seeking equity contribution.