Miklah Life

Project area: Social Enterprise

Project name: Collaboration to increase the enterprise’s network and secure funding for infrastructure and equipment

Company/Promoter description: Miklah Life is a tech-driven social enterprise applying the power of innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship to address young people’s challenges in Health, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. Miklah’s approach is derived from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The enterprise operates a center for modern-day digital skills; a revolving transformational leadership course; sexual and reproductive health services for youth and an equipment lending program for youth as they start their businesses. To date, recipients of Miklah’s services include individuals, small businesses, and a few schools.

Project Description:  Miklah runs a special programme called, “Sacrepreneur”. In this programme, Miklah empowers young people to start SDG-compliant businesses. Under this, the enterprise also studies existing businesses in order to enable them to incorporate SDG-oriented models; adds businesses to an online directory to facilitate sales and networking; and connects entrepreneurs to funders. Miklah seeks to grow its Sacrepreneur programme through a market tie-up partnership.

Project objectives: Miklah seeks to be introduced to networks of potential recipients of its Sacrepreneur programme. In this way, the enterprise will increase the number of beneficiaries of its programme and possibly obtain funds to expand its training centre and its equipment.

Promoter contribution: SDG expertise; technological and learning resources; business analysis competencies based on the SDG and the UN Global Compact Assessment Tool.

Partnership Request: Social capital through networking; financial support to set up more facilities; better linkages to possible funders of ideas generated from Miklah’s training program.