Moving Ads Uganda

Project area: Advertising

Project name: Seeking funding

Company/Promoter description: Moving Ads Uganda is a results-driven digital marketing and video production agency with more than 8 years of experience serving clients in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, technology, entertainment, etc. The company’s vision is to be an innovative and fully-equipped content-creation hub that holistically empowers African creatives to develop compelling content for audiences and clients globally. Moving Ads is servicing clients with operations in Kenya, Burundi, and Zambia. Its values are growth, creativity communication delivery, timeliness, and teamwork.

Project Description: MovingAds is looking to increase the number of businesses it is impacting by expanding services locally and throughout the region via the acquisition of more state-of-the-art content creation equipment. The company is also currently building an in-house upskilling curriculum that will be used to train new recruits in the ways of digital marketing and content creation. The company seeks to complete the implementation of these changes by 1st January 2025. This is to be implemented by 1st January 2023. 

Project objectives: The equipment upgrades and training system put in place will expand the capacity of work that can be handled and the turnaround time for jobs. 

Promoter contribution: All operations expenses, technical know-how, marketing, and re-investing of at least 40% of profits.

Partnership Request: EUR 275,000 spread out over 5 years disbursed in EUR 55,000 annual investments into the business. ROI on the above investment will be every 15 months from when the investment is made. Possible equity may be given in exchange.