Pride Scholar Vocational Institute

Project area: Vocational Education

Project name: Seeking funding for tools and equipment

Company/Promoter description: Pride Scholar Vocational Institute is a private vocational and technical education training institution. It is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Sports and accredited by UBTEB and DIT. The institute offers programs in the fields of agriculture, crop production, and management, animal production and management, electrical installation, building construction, plumbing, cosmetology and fashion, and design. These courses are offered at the certificate and diploma levels. Besides offering education, the institution offers training leading to the making of products such as clothing, extension cables, etc. The youth, women, and PWDs are the main beneficiaries of the institute’s services.

Project Description: The institute seeks to install better tools and equipment.

Project Objectives: Better tools and equipment will improve the training of learners in both vocational and technical aspects.

Promoter contribution: Offering school services and strategic orientation.

Partnership Request: Seeking funding from like-minded partners in exchange for equity.