Purs app

Project area: E-commerce

Project Name: Seeking to establish an online purchase financing platform

Company/Promoter description: Purs app is a team of 9 with more than 80 years of combined experience in aspects of banking, payment, cybersecurity, software engineering, accounting, legal, and sales. This experience is drawn from working for companies and agencies like Uchumi, Aggreko, Standard Bank, the UN, and Medicins Sans Frontiers.

Project Description: Purs app will build a vendor financing and consumer financing database, called Alternative financing. As a platform, it will instantly connect verified vendors, lenders, and suppliers (manufacturers) to consumers at the point of sale. This will work in two ways – assist merchants in stocking from their manufacturer; assist consumers in purchasing from a retailer and pay in installments. 

Project objectives: Render the platform’s services to 10 million out of 22.8 million working Ugandans.

Promoter contribution:  Funding and management.

Partnership Request: Access to network in exchange for equity.