Rialink Solutions

Project area: Welding

Project name: Seeking to acquire competence to participate in the budding oil and gas sector

Company/Promoter description: Rialink Solutions Ltd is a private limited company that provides services of welding and metal fabrication. The company boasts of a team of highly experienced and competent staff. They execute projects to the highest quality,
on schedule and within budget without compromising standards of health, safety and the environmental. Rialink solutions offers modern quality products like sliding gates, metallic tank stands, milk tanks and custom agro-processing machinery.

Project Description: Rialink Solutions will understudy a partner with expertise in the oil and Gas sector in the Albertine region in order to bring up their competence level to industry standards.

Project objectives: Having built up sufficient expertise to the level required in the Oil and Gas sector, Rialink Solutions will hope to be part of those eligible for consideration to offer services. This will be in line with the sector goals of increasing local content.

Promoter contribution: Equipment to be used in training; staff to be trained.

Partnership Request: Technical skills impartation.