Segullah Microfinance Ltd

Project area: Filmmaking and distribution

Project name: Seeking finance to pioneer international film distribution

Company/Promoter description: Badilisha Studios is the only Ugandan -based film distributor with the goal of delivering films from Uganda to the world. The company intends to help Ugandan filmmakers, writers, and directors to find a global audience for their work.

Project Description: Considering that African content is being overlooked and underrepresented on popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Badilisha studios will offer a platform for the African diaspora to enjoy their own stories and content. The company will provide film distribution, production, and distribution as well as streaming services.

Project objectives: Badilisha’s team of film experts will help producers to acquire funding, to market their films, and to distribute them internationally to cinemas, video-on-demand platforms, homes, and mobile devices.


Promoter contribution: Land, building, licenses, and equipment.

Partnership Request: Venture capital in exchange for equity.