Silver Fleet

Project area: Vehicle hire

Project name: Seeking to upgrade and expand current fleet.

Company/Promoter description: Silver Fleet is a transport company
which supports leisure, tourism and business travel within the East African region. The company has a decade of experience in the sector. Its fleet is currently undergoing ISO
45001 Certification. Hire options offered by Silver Fleet include: chauffeured car hire, airport transport, courier support and driver hire. The proportion of the company’s clientele is as follows: Business-to-Business Clientele – 60%; Business-to-Client Clientele – 40%.

Project Description: The company is keen to boost its fleet with newer models of vehicles to satisfy the requests of existing clientele. To achieve this USD 800,000 is required. Silver Fleet possesses the operational and corporate governance structure to ensure effective utilisation of this investment. It also has a strong market share of all business-to-business transport engagements.

Project objectives: An injection of USD 800,000 will enhance existing infrastructure even as the company retains a greater percentage of its sales revenue towards long-term ownership of assets.

Promoter contribution: Corporate governance; market share.

Partnership Request: Investment of USD 800,000 in exchange for equity.