Startboom Digital

Project area: Mobile App

Project name: Seeking to set up a venture to create a digital platform.

Company/Promoter description: Startboom Digital provides cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, mobile applications, knowledge management, and consultancy. The company has a preference for the travel and tourism industry because of prevailing market moves designed to attract international travelers to embrace the African travel experience. Some of the company’s premier clients are the Uganda Hotel Owners Association (with a membership of over 600 hotels in Uganda); Equator University and Hotel Africana (the top Ugandan-owned Hotel).

Project Description: The company will set up a digital portal for vendors and stall operators of the St Balikudembe (Owino) market. The company understands that Owino is the biggest market in East and Central Africa with over 500,000 vendors selling food and different items daily. It is frequented by over 200,000 customers. An online marketplace that enables the sellers of Owino to plug into the power of e-commerce would boost their sales.

Project objectives: To set up a digital platform and associated electronic infrastructure for Owino market transactions in order to bring them up to modern standards.

Promoter contribution: Business idea.

Partnership Request: Seeking technical support to set up an e-commerce platform in exchange for equity in the company.