The Medical Concierge Group

Project area: E-Medical Services

Project Name: Seeking equity and debt-based financing partnership

Company/Promoter description: The Medical Concierge Group, under its Rocket Health brand, seeks a partner for its convenient doctor consultations, through chat, voice, and, or, video call, in an eco-system of remote services. The consultation is followed by laboratory sample pick-ups, testing, and pharmacy prescription delivery to a client’s location. These services are complemented by a self-service e-shop and e-clinics. Presently, access to the service is covered by leading medical insurers, subscriptions, pay-as-you-go options, and project partnerships. Rocket Health has countrywide coverage constituting over 30,000 encounters per month. It has a registered 95% first-time resolution rate and averages 30% cost savings per encounter versus brick-and-mortar outpatient care. The company seeks equity and debt investment for expansion.

Project objectives: To meet market demand for well-planned living spaces in good locations.

Project cost: USD 5,000,000.

Promoter contribution: Opportunity to obtain equity in a going concern.

Partnership Request: Partnership Request: Seeking debt financing or equity contribution.