The Pepper Publications Ltd

Project area: News Media

Project name: Seeking for financing for digitisation transition and printing equipment overhaul

Company/Promoter description:  The Pepper Publications Ltd was founded
in 2001 and prides in being a fearless independent publication. The company has a factory, machinery, office space and owns brands such as Red Pepper, Daily Pepper and Red Pepper Online. The Pepper Publications espouses quality news and print output coupled to strict journalistic ethics in accordance with Ugandan law. The company disseminates information via print (15,000 copies per day) and soft versions of its website and social media. It makes revenue from sales, advertising and promotions and also engages in CSR activities.

Project Description: The company intends to overhaul current printing press in order to satisfy market demand. It also intends to invest heavily in digital media including a full electronic archiving of its print issues since 2001 to date. This will be an online library accessible at a fee. Online radio and tv broadcasting are also planned. The total cost of these is EUR 5,405,405.4.

Project objectives:To set up a market position that is relevant to current times and taps into the earning potential of the internet.

Promoter contribution: All the company assets and resources.

Partnership Request: Seeking for EUR 5,405,405.4 as well as technical
assistance in return for equity