Young Engineers Uganda

Project area: Informal learning

Project name: Seeking funding for tools and equipment

Company/Promoter description: Young Engineers Uganda, is part of the worldwide Young Engineers educational enrichment program founded in 2008, in Israel. In Uganda, it is run by the African School of Innovations Science and Technology (ASIST) LTD. Globally, Young Engineers operates engineering after-school activities in over 50 countries. Its mission is to prepare 4-15-year-old students for the changing demands of the 21st-century workforce. At Young Engineers, students are engaged in practical education processes while developing their learning skills using LEGO and Robotics Curriculums. Other aids are Coding; Skilling; Co-curricular support; Merchandising; and Kits sales.

Project Description: This business is a going concern delivering a unique product that no one offers, currently. The project needs investment in equipment and working capital for expansion into all schools for increased enrollment and partnership. The working capital is mainly for equipment purchase, infrastructure, and a LEGO shop for equipment sales and distribution, marketing, communication, advertising, and connecting schools to the Young Engineers STEM Education grid.

Project Objectives: Increase the brand footprint of the program and facilitate its uptake.

Promoter contribution: Teaching Skills

Partnership Request: EUR 1,912,505.07 in exchange for 59% equity.