Johan Verhoek

Sales Manager Africa - Royal De Heus Group / Koudijs Animal Nutrition

Royal De Heus is a family owned company with their Head Office in the Netherlands. The first generation of this feed millers family stated their operation in a traditional wind powered mill in 1717. Now a little over 300 years later, the present generation extended the company to a leading supplier of feed solutions world wide

As a family business in animal nutrition we provide a growing contribution towards sustainable production of safe and healthy food. We do this by advancing our customers – the producers of meat, fish, milk, and eggs – and by continuously improving quality, transparency, and cooperation throughout the food production chain.

De Heus Animal Nutrition contributes towards the sustainable availability and accessibility of safe and healthy food worldwide. We do this with the utmost care for climate, environment, and animal welfare.

With our products, knowledge and experience we contribute to the development of the agricultural sector, the improvement of living conditions and economic development in the local communities in which we operate. We achieve this with involved and entrepreneurial employees, who continue to develop themselves. Together we take responsibility to realize our vision every day.

With an experienced team of a great number of professionals, working all over the world, we make sure you can convert raw materials into animal proteins as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Guaranteeing the best for your animals as well as your business.

De Royal De Heus group is present in more then 75 countries worldwide and is a partner for farmers, distributors, integrations and feed factory producing more then 12 million tons of feed solutions annually.

Johan Verhoek, Sales Manager Africa is responsible for the development of our markets throughout Africa looking for the most viable options to supply our customers with the best feed solutions. We currently have 11 Feed factories in Africa.